How to build an impressive homepage

The homepage is a digital welcome, and it’s a first thing visitors will see when they enter your website. If you don’t have something to impress them, they will leave soon. Beautiful design will catch their eye, but if you want them glued to your web page, there are many more things you need to do, to achieve this. You need to provide them functional and uninterrupted environment. So, here are some essential elements you need to incorporate to have a killer homepage.

Your layout should be clean and easy to navigate

The essential thing is to keep your homepage clutter – free. Site visitors tend to be become overwhelmed when they are faced with excessive content and images. They will start to feel anxious and soon leave your website. If your web page is tidy, you will look more organize, and your site will attract a lot of audiences. You should choose a layout which is clean and easy to navigate, other content and images should be kept away from the core functions of the website, so not to disturb the order.

Use high-resolution images

They always say that one picture is worth a thousand words and the same rule should apply to your website. Pictures will tell your visitors more about you more than any content could ever do. If you aren’t able to make high – quality images, you can always use some online tools to increase your resolution. By using high – resolution photos, you will tell your visitors that you are professional and that you take your job very seriously.

Blend colors your right

Even though colors seem as something meaningless in the process of creating a new homepage, they are critical elements. With everything said, you want to make sure to choose them carefully. You can use various online tools which will help you blend your colors nicely. Color scheme and background should be in synchrony; this is the best way to promote your brand and your website.

Optimize your buttons

Now every homepage should necessarily have the buttons, but if you decide to involve them, make sure to use them right. All the buttons, or CTAs, should be linked to other pages, sites, promo items, products and so on. The purpose of these buttons is to make people take action and click, and you should build them to be tempting. Keep CTAs clean, and they shouldn’t contain more than four words.

You can’t have a good homepage without an excellent content. Your first goal should be to make your visitors understand what you are trying to present them. The content should be short; you don’t need to write a novel here because you will explain everything in details in other pages. If you have separate sections about bio, your company, services, you don’t need to crowd your home page with this information. Keep is clean and small details, just enough to interest and attract your visitors.

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