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Collaboration with Hollingrove Language Academy – how we managed to fixed their problem

Back in 2009, Hollingrove Language Academy was one of our most demanding clients, but with the help of long – term experience, we have managed to overcome all the upcoming problem. The have come to us with only one preposition, to do the hosting for their website, but along the way, we have encountered many issues. Considering our goal is to keep our customers satisfied, we worked day and night to fight their problem. Hollingrove Language Academy has just started their business, and they needed a website which will attract them a bigger number of customers.

Issues we faced

The biggest problem was to decide which type of hosting do they want. Considering they we medium – size company, we proposed them to use a shared hosting. A shared hosting is mostly used hosting platform, it is easy to set up, and it won’t cost you a lot of money. What are client didn’t like, is the fact they were supposed to share a hosting with other customers. Without dedicated IP address, they were afraid that their website would crash down, which will directly influence their performance on the market, showing their clients that they aren’t reliable. Another reason why they avoided this solution because there is no room for customization when you choose shared hosting, you will have to configure your website within limited parameters.

How did we overcome this problem?

After of few weeks of debating, we have managed to find the solution. We offered them a dedicated server, which provided them more control and reliability. But, again, they found a price as one of the major obstacles. Considering that this is an elite choice for website hosting, there were require to invest some money, before they could build their web page. By accepting a dedicated server, the client is practically leasing the entire server and can customize every aspect of their hosting experience. You can install, edit, and even reboot the whole server, based on your terms. Hollingrove Language Academy found this to be a useful solution because they considered their website should be secure and reliable, not matter why type of traffic and data you throw in its direction.


This was a crucial factor that made them break. When a client uses a shared hosting, it only takes one website on the server to be compromised, to endanger them all. Considering how hacking industry is blossoming nowadays, it only takes one attack of an experienced hacker, to compromise your data and gain information about you. On the other hand, a dedicated server removes all the risks, giving the client the control of the hosting.This was the last straw that made them decide which web hosting should they use. Conserving that Hollingrove Language Academy wasn’t too experienced with the modern technologies, our company gave our best, to provide them the most enjoyable experience and to build the

Collaboration with a Dicoll company

The first contact we established with a Dicoll company was back in 2010. They have come to us with one request, to build them a web hosting for their internet page. Considering we have a lot of experience, this wasn’t supposed to be a problem for our company. The only thing we requested from them, was to choose which type of hosting they want. They were a medium – size company which was selling hardware services over the internet, so they needed a reliable website, which will allow their clients an enjoyable experience. Dicoll company decided to use dedicated hosting because it provides them a security and a possibility to customize all the features.

The domain name

This was one of the biggest issues we have encountered working with them. Our company was supposed to connect the domain name with their business, which was a challenging work. They wanted to make an interesting website and to build a name which will differ them from the competition. When you are creating a domain name, you need to make sure to avoid the name the other website is already using. First of all, it’s illegal, and after all, you want to stand out on the market. If you choose a domain name which is already occupied, you will find yourself in trouble and lose a credibility and brand name; you have carefully built.

The .com’s bias

Once our company chose a hosting name, we were faced with a problem which extension to use for their website. Considering that many hosting companies have a divided opinion regarding this issue, some of them demand that you choose a com extension, while others say you shouldn’t be worried about this, as long as you have a good domain name. Dicoll company was indecisive regarding this matter, so it was our responsibility to explain them the difference. If you use a .com extension, you will be giving more credibility to your website. Most are accustomed to .com extension, and if you have the same domain name as your competition, your clients were more likely to visit them. On the other hand, the only disadvantage of this approach is that your selection is limited if you choose a .com extension. On the longer run, this can compromise your website and decrease an SEO, which is an important part of every online marketing.

Working with Dicoll company was a valuable experience with us. We have suggested them to use a string domain name and .com extension. These features helped them have a safe and reliable website. In the end, they were very satisfied with our serviced and became our long – term clients. Each year we review a domain for them, which helps them have a successful website. Considering they sell hardware services over the internet, a good domain name and great hosting were a win – win combination for them. On their example, our company got many new ideas how to resolve these types of problems in the future.

How to build an impressive homepage

The homepage is a digital welcome, and it’s a first thing visitors will see when they enter your website. If you don’t have something to impress them, they will leave soon. Beautiful design will catch their eye, but if you want them glued to your web page, there are many more things you need to do, to achieve this. You need to provide them functional and uninterrupted environment. So, here are some essential elements you need to incorporate to have a killer homepage.

Your layout should be clean and easy to navigate

The essential thing is to keep your homepage clutter – free. Site visitors tend to be become overwhelmed when they are faced with excessive content and images. They will start to feel anxious and soon leave your website. If your web page is tidy, you will look more organize, and your site will attract a lot of audiences. You should choose a layout which is clean and easy to navigate, other content and images should be kept away from the core functions of the website, so not to disturb the order.

Use high-resolution images

They always say that one picture is worth a thousand words and the same rule should apply to your website. Pictures will tell your visitors more about you more than any content could ever do. If you aren’t able to make high – quality images, you can always use some online tools to increase your resolution. By using high – resolution photos, you will tell your visitors that you are professional and that you take your job very seriously.

Blend colors your right

Even though colors seem as something meaningless in the process of creating a new homepage, they are critical elements. With everything said, you want to make sure to choose them carefully. You can use various online tools which will help you blend your colors nicely. Color scheme and background should be in synchrony; this is the best way to promote your brand and your website.

Optimize your buttons

Now every homepage should necessarily have the buttons, but if you decide to involve them, make sure to use them right. All the buttons, or CTAs, should be linked to other pages, sites, promo items, products and so on. The purpose of these buttons is to make people take action and click, and you should build them to be tempting. Keep CTAs clean, and they shouldn’t contain more than four words.

You can’t have a good homepage without an excellent content. Your first goal should be to make your visitors understand what you are trying to present them. The content should be short; you don’t need to write a novel here because you will explain everything in details in other pages. If you have separate sections about bio, your company, services, you don’t need to crowd your home page with this information. Keep is clean and small details, just enough to interest and attract your visitors.

How to improve the speed of your website – 5 super fast ways

If you think that speed of your website doesn’t matter, you are deadly wrong. Based on some research, a one-second delay might affect your web page significantly. This means 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and loss in conversions by 7%. Another study found that 47% users expect from a web page to load in 2 seconds and 40% of visitors will leave a website if it takes it more than three seconds to load. If you want to have a reliable and respected website, which will show traffic and increase in profit, here are the five ways to improve the speed.

Decrease HTTP requests

Web page’s loading time depends on many factors, mostly on images, stylesheets, contents and so on. An HTTP request is made of these features, so fewer components you have on the page, the faster the loading will be. The easiest ways to improve the speed of your website is to limit the elements on your page, use CSS instead of images, mix multiple style sheets and you can reduce scripts and place them in the bottom of the page.

Reduce the server response time

Your server should respond in 200ms, and that should be your goal. Google usually recommends using online tools or web applications which will help you monitor the performance. You can tap into following resources, such as Yslow, it will evaluate your site’s speed and provide you tips how to have a better performance. Also, you can use Google’s PageSpeed Tools which has similar functions as the previous one.

Use compression

Massive pages, which have a lot of content, take a much more time to download, they are often 100kb and more. The best way to speed up your web page is to use a technique called compression, in this process, you will just zip your files. A compression will reduce a bandwidth and in the same HTTP response. You can use a tool called Gzip to perform this, and it will decrease a download time by 70%. Considering that 90% of browsers support Gzip, you won have troubles speeding up your website.

Browser catching is important

When you go on some web page, the elements that website has will be stored on your hard drive in a cache, or in temporary storage. Every next time when you visit a website, the browser you use will load a page much faster, and it won’t have to send another HTTP request to the server. If you enable this option, you will significantly decrease the loading time.

Optimize images

Having demining images on your website, you will only slow it down. In this case, you need to attention to three things, size, format and src attribute. If your images are too big, it will take them too much time to load, JPEG is the best option for you, and once you determine the size and format, then you should have a right code, make sure to avoid empty image src codes.

Five ways to promote your website

In the recent years, Internet has changed the way we lead our lives.  We now can’t imagine one day without it. The Internet marketing has become a large part of our businesses, it increases our profit, makes us visible to the world, and creates a better business environment. If you are still new in this, and you want to promote your business online, here are the thing you need to know before you engage yourself in this process.

Learn about SEO

SEO has become popular during the last decade, and it’s one of the most successful ways to improve the visibility of your website. It allows your site to appear on the first page in Google. But, for this to happen, you need to have a good SEO.  For example, when you search something on Google, you hardly go beyond the first page, well, your clients won’t do it also. SEO can be a time – consuming process, but, along the way, it will improve the traffic on your website and make you visible to many customers. If you haven’t already optimized your site, then you will need to wait at least a few months before you notice the first results.


By having new blog posts, each week, you will give your customers a reason to visit your web page.  The free and original content will help you bring new visitors, and this will set you apart from the competition. Make sure to publish original and exciting content, something that your visitors will find interesting. The unique content is critical. Otherwise, Google will recognize your website as a fake one, and you will receive negative marks.  From time to time, you can feature a guest blog posts which will have links to your website. Using this technique, you will draw visitors to your web page, and at the same time, it will increase the traffic.


Retargeting ads are a very simple process, by using this, you will be placing a tracking cookie on a computer of every new visitor. So, when they leave your website, they will start receiving ads to come back. When you use this type of advertising, you will reach 98% of your customers, who just visit your website, without any conversation.  Retargeting I a very valuable strategy and it will make those visitors come back and convert. Usually, owners of websites work hard to attract new people, but they usually leave after few second. In this way, you will make them stay, while they improve your profit and visibility.

Facebook ads

Facebook has become a new Google, if you don’t have a Facebook account, it’s like you don’t have an ID.  This is one of the reasons why Facebook is used in business, for marketing and promotion. Based on some research, 68% of people are likely to remember something they saw on Facebook than on Google. This is a very cheap way of promoting your website, and Facebook can help you target different locations and various people.

Many people think that email marketing is a matter of history, but you will be surprised how many customers and visitors you can attract to your website. By newsletters and free offers to them, you will provide them a reason to visit your site. Encourage them to return to your web page and make them subscribe or follow you.

Why is SEO important for small business?

If your new business depends on your website, then SEO is imperative for its development. In the modern age where everything depends on the internet, you cannot neglect the importance of online marketing. A well-optimized website will provide you a bigger number of customers and make sure you have a steady income. There are many ways how SEO can help you increase your profit and improve your business, and we are going to show you how.  

You will be visible

You don’t need to be too smart to know that visibility is important in business. When you are part of the online community, you need to stand out, in this way people will easily find you and you will be able to sell your product quicker.

SEO will build your credibility

By using various means the internet provides you, your business will flourish, and this will set you apart from the competition. You can use different social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Web sites, YouTube, blog posts and new and exciting content will only attract the traffic on your web page.

Defeat your competition

The better-optimized website you have, the greater are chances to beat your competition in online search. Every successful entrepreneur wants to be better than the competition, and the SEO will help you achieve that.

SEO is cheap, and you can measure the results

When you mention this two factor to every business owner, the will think it’s match made in heaven. The business owners are looking for this, especially if they own a small company. So, here is the list of thing you need to do, to build a solid SEO foundation.

Create good keywords

There is a list of keywords people usually type in a search engine when they want to find out about something. You should use this to your advantage if you want to promote your business. Target specific people which you think will be your potential customers. If they can find you quickly on Google, they are more likely to buy your product.

Use an appropriate domain name

The domain name should be linked to your business and the services you provide. Combine everything with the keywords, for example, if your business is a real estate agency, a real estate should be placed somewhere in the title. So, when people type in search engine this keyword, your website will appear on the first Google page.

Create unique content and share it

Make a brand message and include the appropriate keywords. Over the time, these keywords might change, but that’s alright because your business will most certainly grow and transform. But for now, use everything that you were able to find.

Measure your results

The greatest thing about SEO is that you can measure your results and the success of your website. From time to time you can test different keywords, content and social networks and see how they work. Google Analytics is free, and it will provide you the best results.