Finding Business/Technology partners


Through a long – lasting experience, we have managed to help many companies grow their business and increase their profit, by using our services. First of all, we will find you a unique and distinguished domain name, which will set you apart from the competition. You can check out the list of companies which were our clients, and after working with us, they increased their annual revenue.

We provided them several options; they could choose a shared or dedicated hosting, based on the requirements. Our company provided them fast and reliable service and everything was done within few hours.

Enterprise Europe Network works with a number of top level strategic national partners to enhance our service to businesses. These partnerships are actively working with Enterprise Europe Network to help deliver our services, and we are always looking for new ways to collaborate with service providers across the country.Enterprise Europe Network works directly with a variety of regional Chambers of Commerce. Other organisations we work with include: Skills South-East, the Manufacturing Advisory Service, Asian Business Development Network, Federation of Small Businesses, The Institute of Civil Engineering, to name a few:

  • Support provided by Enterprise Europe Network Scotland has helped Roslin Cells to enhance its profile and access funding opportunities
  • The team from the UKRC approached Enterprise Europe Yorkshire for help in preparing a proposal for funding under the European Union Framework Programme7 to support research projects across the member states, as part of the Science in Society theme
  • When Edinburgh-based technology company Kraya first came across Enterprise Europe Network Scotland in 2009, little did they realise how important their relationship would become
  • CCRC at Sheffield Hallam approached Enterprise Europe Yorkshire for assistance in evaluating a Framework Programme 7 (FP7) bid for European funding for its ‘CUBIST Project’, led by German technology leaders, SAP
  • Enterprise Europe Network Scotland has supported the international ambitions of the University of the West of Scotland’s (UWS) Thin Film Centre for some two and a half years
  • HSI was looking to engage more closely with the European marketplace in order to provide added value matchmaking opportunities for companies in Yorkshire. A team from HSI joined EEY at the European Seafood Exposition in 2009
  • With the Scottish Technology Showcase held in May 2010 approaching, Enterprise Europe Network Scotland was keen to encourage Nanoparticulate Surface Adhesion Ltd to participate. The results were impressive
  • Chamelic was interested in exploring potential applications for its exciting dirt innovative coatings and contacted Enterprise Europe Yorkshire with a view to finding potential collaborative partners across Europ
  • South-East of England based healthcare development company finds European technology partners to form a major funding bid consortium
  • A leading research firm in the field of cryopreservation is assisted by Enterprise Europe Network East of England in their search for a partner to take the technology to new European markets
  • Edinburgh-based travel company Bacchus and Beyond made full use of Enterprise Europe Scotland's information service when looking to operate in Italy
  • The huge success of the Brokerage Networking Event at the European Seafood Exposition 2009 resulted in many promising new alliances, including an ongoing working relationship for Enterprise Europe Yorkshire and the Humber Seafood Institute
  • World leader embarks on a project of critical importance thanks to an introduction from Enterprise Europe Scotland
  • Enterprise Europe Network South-East advised this inventor of a hands-free BBQ on the best trade fairs to attend, attended the fairs to assist with translation and met with potential distributors
  • Enterprise Europe Network South-East visited this company in Reading, who had developed novel kiosk technology, and arranged meetings with two French companies and potential distributors
  • Thanks to Enterprise Europe Network contacts in the French supermarket industry, this South-East food company has secured a lucrative contract with Casino France
  • A Bristol-based bone regeneration company has signed an exclusive patent license agreement with a Spanish university thanks to a free service offered by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) South Wes
  • A specialist in organic teas has found new international business partners thanks to help from Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) South West
  • A Bath ecologist is expanding his range of iPhone field guides across Europe thanks to help from Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) South West
  • The support of the Enterprise Europe Network Scotland was tantamount to a golden key for electronic point of sale specialist, Tailwind Solutions