Collaboration with a Dicoll company

The first contact we established with a Dicoll company was back in 2010. They have come to us with one request, to build them a web hosting for their internet page. Considering we have a lot of experience, this wasn’t supposed to be a problem for our company. The only thing we requested from them, was to choose which type of hosting they want. They were a medium – size company which was selling hardware services over the internet, so they needed a reliable website, which will allow their clients an enjoyable experience. Dicoll company decided to use dedicated hosting because it provides them a security and a possibility to customize all the features.

The domain name

This was one of the biggest issues we have encountered working with them. Our company was supposed to connect the domain name with their business, which was a challenging work. They wanted to make an interesting website and to build a name which will differ them from the competition. When you are creating a domain name, you need to make sure to avoid the name the other website is already using. First of all, it’s illegal, and after all, you want to stand out on the market. If you choose a domain name which is already occupied, you will find yourself in trouble and lose a credibility and brand name; you have carefully built.

The .com’s bias

Once our company chose a hosting name, we were faced with a problem which extension to use for their website. Considering that many hosting companies have a divided opinion regarding this issue, some of them demand that you choose a com extension, while others say you shouldn’t be worried about this, as long as you have a good domain name. Dicoll company was indecisive regarding this matter, so it was our responsibility to explain them the difference. If you use a .com extension, you will be giving more credibility to your website. Most are accustomed to .com extension, and if you have the same domain name as your competition, your clients were more likely to visit them. On the other hand, the only disadvantage of this approach is that your selection is limited if you choose a .com extension. On the longer run, this can compromise your website and decrease an SEO, which is an important part of every online marketing.

Working with Dicoll company was a valuable experience with us. We have suggested them to use a string domain name and .com extension. These features helped them have a safe and reliable website. In the end, they were very satisfied with our serviced and became our long – term clients. Each year we review a domain for them, which helps them have a successful website. Considering they sell hardware services over the internet, a good domain name and great hosting were a win – win combination for them. On their example, our company got many new ideas how to resolve these types of problems in the future.

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