Collaboration with Hollingrove Language Academy – how we managed to fixed their problem

Back in 2009, Hollingrove Language Academy was one of our most demanding clients, but with the help of long – term experience, we have managed to overcome all the upcoming problem. The have come to us with only one preposition, to do the hosting for their website, but along the way, we have encountered many issues. Considering our goal is to keep our customers satisfied, we worked day and night to fight their problem. Hollingrove Language Academy has just started their business, and they needed a website which will attract them a bigger number of customers.

Issues we faced

The biggest problem was to decide which type of hosting do they want. Considering they we medium – size company, we proposed them to use a shared hosting. A shared hosting is mostly used hosting platform, it is easy to set up, and it won’t cost you a lot of money. What are client didn’t like, is the fact they were supposed to share a hosting with other customers. Without dedicated IP address, they were afraid that their website would crash down, which will directly influence their performance on the market, showing their clients that they aren’t reliable. Another reason why they avoided this solution because there is no room for customization when you choose shared hosting, you will have to configure your website within limited parameters.

How did we overcome this problem?

After of few weeks of debating, we have managed to find the solution. We offered them a dedicated server, which provided them more control and reliability. But, again, they found a price as one of the major obstacles. Considering that this is an elite choice for website hosting, there were require to invest some money, before they could build their web page. By accepting a dedicated server, the client is practically leasing the entire server and can customize every aspect of their hosting experience. You can install, edit, and even reboot the whole server, based on your terms. Hollingrove Language Academy found this to be a useful solution because they considered their website should be secure and reliable, not matter why type of traffic and data you throw in its direction.


This was a crucial factor that made them break. When a client uses a shared hosting, it only takes one website on the server to be compromised, to endanger them all. Considering how hacking industry is blossoming nowadays, it only takes one attack of an experienced hacker, to compromise your data and gain information about you. On the other hand, a dedicated server removes all the risks, giving the client the control of the hosting.This was the last straw that made them decide which web hosting should they use. Conserving that Hollingrove Language Academy wasn’t too experienced with the modern technologies, our company gave our best, to provide them the most enjoyable experience and to build the

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